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WPRI Special Report
Putting the Squeeze on Consumers:
Real-World Impacts of Wisconsin's

Minimum Markup Law

WPRI takes an in-depth look at how Wisconsin's Depression-era minimum markup law affects consumers and businesses every day.
Mike Nichols discusses the minimum markup law on Radio 620 WTMJ's "Midday with Charlie Sykes." Listen to it here.
Mike Nichols op-ed: Minimum markup isn't the American way



WPRI President Mike Nichols testifies on prevailing wage

The Assembly Committee on Labor held a public hearing at the Capitol on May 27, 2015, on a bill to repeal Wisconsin's prevailing wage law. Read Nichols' statement here.


WPRI Special Report

Real-World Impacts of Prevailing Wage

WPRI asked five veteran Wisconsin journalists to take an up-close look at how the prevailing wage law affects state businesses, taxpayers and government employees every day.





WPRI Report

The Economic Impact of a Right-to-Work Law on Wisconsin

By Richard Vedder, Joseph Hartge and Chrisopher Denhart




WPRI President Mike Nichols testifies on right-to-work at the Capitol
The Senate Committee on Labor and Government Reform held a public hearing on Feb. 24, 2015.
Read Nichols' statement here.





Podcast: Raising Wisconsin's Minimum Wage. Who would be helped? Who would be hurt?

Ben Merens interviews Andrew Hanson, co-author of WPRI Report.
Download link: http://cxl1.net/D3gYsRX6fTBX.mp3

WPRI Report
Can State Pull Its Punches? New Tax Policy Needed to Help Wisconsin Prosper

By Suffolk University’s Beacon Hill Institute for Public Policy Research



On Sept. 29, 2014, Senior Producer Steven Walters interviewed Paul Bachman, research director at the Beacon Hill Institute at Suffolk University and one of the authors of the new tax study released by the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute, in the WisconsinEye studio in Madison.


Understanding the Debt Problem as explained by David Walker














WPRI Media Mentions


Mike Nichols: Minimum markup isn't the American way

Journal Sentinel - February 7, 2016

Green Bay Press-Gazette - February 7, 2016


Minimum competition: Wisconsin's minimum markup law costs consumers big

Wisconsin Watchdog.org - February 5, 2016


Mike Nichols on minimum markup law
"Midday with Charlie Sykes," Radio 620 WTMJ - February 4, 2016


Why Wisconsin remains a tax hell

Journal Sentinel - December 31, 2015


Mike Nichols
"Sunday Insight with Charlie Sykes," WTMJ-TV - November 22, 2015


Lessons for liberal arts majors

Journal Sentinel - November 23, 2015


Reducing the layers of government

Journal Sentinel - November 15, 2015


Mike Nichols: Has America lost its will to work?

Sheboygan Press - November 1, 2015


Democrat legislators seek public support to increase minimum wage
Badger Herald - October 7, 2015


Economic disparities between Madison and Milwaukee

Wisconsin Public Radio interview with Tom Hefty - October 2, 2015


Mike Nichols: Walker still has a chance to fight federal overreach

Journal Sentinel - October 2, 2015


WPRI chief: UW-Madison faculty objections to survey trammels sifting and winnowing
The Capital Times - September 19, 2015


Impending depletion of disability reserves
Manitowoc Herald Times Reporter - August 26, 2015


An escape from the fee-for-service trap

Journal Sentinel - August 22, 2015

Pave the way for direct primary care in Wisconsin
Sheboygan Press - August 4, 2015


Businesses in central Wisconsin and beyond facing significant shortage of IT workers

Wisconsin Public Radio interview with Dave Daley - July 27, 2015


Breaking the cycle of poverty and violence

Journal Sentinel - July 25, 2015


A worthy government program to combat poverty

Sheboygan Press - July 14, 2015


Mike Nichols: No, we're not Washington, after all

Journal Sentinel - July 11, 2015


Mike Nichols: Senate remembers – finally – that Madison is not Washington

Sheboygan Press - July 9, 2015


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