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Wisconsin Interest - Fall 2016
The racist roots of UW progressives
MPS turnaround plan was doomed from the start
New federal housing rule is 'social engineering'
Rebecca Bradley is out to prove voters got it right
Time for toll roads in Wisconsin?
Beyond the riots: What Milwaukee can do
Ex-inmates need more than shoestrings


WPRI Annual Dinner
Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Guest speaker Matt K. Lewis
Conservatism: What Now?  

Matt K. Lewis, the high-profile author, journalist, conservative commentator for CNN and contributor to The Daily Caller, The Daily Beast and Roll Call, is the author of “Too Dumb to Fail: How the GOP Betrayed the Reagan Revolution to Win Elections (and How It Can Reclaim Its Conservative Roots).”

His trenchant and timely book traces the conservative movement's evolution — from Edmund Burke to William F. Buckley, from Goldwater’s loss to Reagan's victory. It touches on everything from the history of populism to the rise of what Lewis calls “no-qualification candidates” to the culture wars to, yes, Donald Trump. Come hear Lewis speak on why conservatism is at a crossroads — and where the path may lead next.

Click here for more information.

How to Recreate the Outstate University And Finally Give Students Their Money's Worth

What would an entirely new public university, created virtually from scratch, with none of the established strictures in place, look like?

By Ike Brannon and Philip Coyle

Read WPRI's press release issued on September, 29, 2016, regarding this new report.





WPRI Special Report
Putting the Squeeze on Consumers:
Real-World Impacts of Wisconsin's

Minimum Markup Law

WPRI takes an in-depth look at how Wisconsin's Depression-era minimum markup law affects consumers and businesses every day.
Mike Nichols discusses the law on Radio 620 WTMJ's "Midday with Charlie Sykes." Listen to it here.
Nichols op-ed: Minimum markup isn't the American way



WPRI Special Report

Real-World Impacts of Prevailing Wage

WPRI asked five veteran Wisconsin journalists to take an up-close look at how the prevailing wage law affects state businesses, taxpayers and government employees every day.















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Journal Sentinel:  September 29, 2016


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Inter-County Leader & Washburn County Register: September 2016


St. Croix Chippewa tribe officials misuse federal funds, audit shows, while poverty persists

Inter-County Leader & Washburn County Register: September 2016

Woodson: Take steps toward progress: responsibility, introspection
Journal Sentinel: August 21, 2016

Abele complied with tax laws

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Streetcar operations not fully funded

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Helping chronically unemployed get out of poverty

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Open government experts: UW System fails transparency test

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Mike Nichols: UW regents work for the public
La Crosse Tribune: March 7, 2016

Regents should remember they work for the public
Journal Sentinel: March 6, 2016

‘Trouble with Tenure’ report considers necessity of tenure, lack of data on post-tenure reviews

Badger Herald: March 3, 2016

Conservative think tank tells UW regents to make campuses prove they need tenure

The Cap Times: March 2, 2016

WPRI report: Regents must do more in tenure vote

Manitowoc Herald Times Reporter: March 2, 2016

Report calls for tighter rein on UW System faculty tenure
Journal Sentinel: March 2, 2016

Mike Nichols: Minimum markup isn't the American way

Journal Sentinel: February 7, 2016

Green Bay Press-Gazette: February 7, 2016

Minimum competition: Wisconsin's minimum markup law costs consumers big

Wisconsin Watchdog.org: February 5, 2016

Mike Nichols on minimum markup law
"Midday with Charlie Sykes," Radio 620 WTMJ: February 4, 2016

Why Wisconsin remains a tax hell

Journal Sentinel: December 31, 2015

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